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Custom Made Dining Table Top: Laminate - Oiled Legno, Frame: Roman Bronze
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Your Dining Table... exactly the way you want it

Every table has a story. Imagine if tables could talk!

Dining tables are the hub of family relationships. They are where games are won and lost, conversations and secrets are shared, and milestones are celebrated. They provide productive work spaces for business, hobbies and study.

We all know how important the correct dining table is for all of our most important tasks in the home. Table and Desk dining tables can be easily tailored for you and your family’s needs. You choose the exact dimensions to fit your home perfectly, as well as a table top and frame to match your decor.

What will your table's story be?

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for Your Dining Room

If you have ever shopped for a dining table before, you will know they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. How do you know which one is right for you? Having a table that looks great is really important; having a table that fits perfectly in your dining room, allowing your family and guests to sit comfortably, allowing room to walk around the table is critical.

Here are a few things you should take into consideration when designing the perfect table to fit your dining room.

Making sure your table fits well in your dining room

Measure your dining room so you have a clear idea of the space the table needs to fit. If your dining room has a buffet or other furniture, make sure you take them into account. If possible, you need to leave 4 feet around the table so your family and friends can easily move around the table while others are seated. Your table will enhance the look of your room if it mirrors the shape of the room. Square tables enhance the look of square rooms and longer, rectangular tables look great in a rectangular room. Although most larger mass produced dining tables are also quite wide, a narrower long table may be the perfect fit for your dining room.

Choosing the right size

Now you know the maximum size for your dining table, there are a few other factors which might help you decide on a size.

We recommend a height of 30 inches. This is a standard height for dining tables, but you can change it if you have particular needs.

You should allow 24 inches per person at your table plus another 12 inches on the long sides of the table (giving an additional 6 inches at each end of the long side of the table) - and an additional 6 inches on the short side allowing room for people to sit at the head and foot of the table).

The following sample six person table is based on this formula.
2 people along the sides = 24 inches x 2 + 12 inches = 60 inches
1 person at the head of the table = 24 inches + 6 inches = 30 inches.

Therefore the standard 6 person table is 60 x 30 inches with a height of 30 inches. And, of course, you can adapt this to suit the particular room and needs of the people who will use this table.

18″ — 72″
18″ — 36″
24″ — 42″
Laminated MDF, Corian or Recycled Wood
Structural grade aluminium
Frame sizes:
1.5″ and 2″
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Lasting Quality

Expert craftsmanship and the highest quality material ensure your furniture will look great for years to come.

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